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  1. Please watch the tutorials to the right for full details on how to create Data Driven Graphics for Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects
  2. For the princly sum of £10 I will send you the text resizing script from the photoshop tutorial
  3. Select your translation XML files
  4. Press load
  5. Click on the left table rows to move those id's you need to the export column
  6. Click the relevant export button to download files


  • I you like this site, and are using it for commercial projects, please do buy a 'licence' - using the paypal button here. Support a struggling artist why don't you?
  • p.s. licence consists of a thank you email.
  • p.p.s Donate more than £5 and i'll send you the text resizing script fromt the tutorial.
  • Thanks for your support!
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    Please load xml files first
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