3D Text Maker – Photoshop Plugin

Use the 3DTextMaker plugin to do just that – create 3D objects!
The plugin duplicates the selected layer as many times as you like in any direction you want!
Full 360 degrees!
Full control scaling and opacity!
Add your styles by entering the layer style name!

Why use limited Actions that only offer a few angles?
Use together with layer styles and layer effects for best results.

Plus 4 example styles included!

This is not part of PS inbuilt 3D tools- rather it’s a tool meant to be used together with styles and layer effects to create unique 2D/3D visuals.
If you have used or have created 3D actions in Photoshop then this is a tool for you!

Tool Tutorial:
1-The designer should SELECT his/her original text/graphic/folder or smart object.
2-Input a number for DISTANCE.
Distance is the space, in pixels, between projected layers.
3-Input a number for DEPTH.
Depth is the number of layers that will be created.
4-Choose ANY ANGLE.
The Angle is the direction in which layers will be projected.
Full 360 degrees!

5. Optional – input exact name of layer style from your layer library and tick styling toggle.
You can automatically add styles from you styles library.
Write the exact name in the input box and hit the ‘add styling’ toggle.

6-Optional -Input a number for SCALE each generated layer reduces or increase size by the given percentage.

7-Optional- Opacity Decay
Opacity Decay reduces the opacity per generated layer, decreasing opacity with each new layer.