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Photoshop Quick Tip 005 Generate from Layers

Photoshop Quick Tip series.
The inbuilt generate feature for Photoshop is very useful.
You can export layers and folder quickly by simply using the correct naming syntax.

File Format
.png (Default value: png32 with semi-transparent alpha), .png8, .png24, .png32
.jpg (Default value: 9), .jpg(1-10), .jpg(1-100%)

File Sizing
mm cm in


Complex naming string Example.
200% myFolder/HiRes/Logo.png, 10mmx10mm myFolder/LowRes/Logo.png

Data Drive Graphics – App Page

Check out this new app page I put together – it’s going to be KEY to all the DDG (Data Driven Graphics) tutorials I have planned.
As you can see from the buttons – I’ll be creating tutorials on how to create DDG for Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

DDG can be used to streamline your translation process – you can create hundreds of translated graphics in seconds! Ready for mobile developement in an instant.